Our Philosophy

At The Foundry Jiu Jitsu Maryland we offer world class instruction in a safe, supportive, and inclusive atmosphere for kids and adults.

Founded in 2001, our expertise and refined teaching methodology has produced not only dozens of world champions but, more importantly, we have improved the lives of thousands of individuals like yourself.

Empower yourself with the most effective self-defense system ever created. Sign up for a free trial and start empowering yourself with Jiu Jitsu today!

Alliance Maryland Facility

The Facility

Our immaculately clean, recently updated 4000 square foot training facility includes:

  • 3000 square feet of mat space
  • Spacious lounge with leather seating for parents & students
  • Pro Shop area for training gear
  • 60″ flat screen w/ extensive dvd & literature catalog
  • Airdyne Bikes, VersaClimber & Concept 2 Rower for conditioning
  • Rogue fitness equipment for strength training
  • 3000 lbs of plates, dumbbells & kettlebells
  • The ONLY world-class instruction in Montgomery County

Lineage in Jiu Jitsu is very important. We are fortunate to come from the most successful in the history of Jiu Jitsu.

Mitsuyo Maeda

Carlos Gracie

Rolls Gracie

Jacare Cavalcanti

Fabio Gurgel

Cezar Takeyoshi

Noel Danforth

Class Schedule

Coach Felipe will be competing on Wednesday at the IBJJF International Masters! Wish him good skill and watch live on @flograppling! ...

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No Memorial Day classes. Open Mat 12noon-2:30pm. ...

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Rachel Sze hitting some nice transitions at the Atlanta Open 😬😬😬

Great work @rachelyambiguous !!

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Big congrats to Mo, Nick, and Nina on their promotion to Blue Belt, today.
These three students are excellent examples of positive attitude, mental toughness, and technical skill.
Well done and keep grinding. ⚒️ 🔥 ⚔️

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@thatnicksalles and @dannyfreesty1e will be teaching a workshop on June 22! The workshop will cover guard retention all the way from early pummeling and framing to connecting and attacking. No matter your level, this is an amazing opportunity to learn from two of the highest level instructors on the planet. Message Coach Ty (@tadiyah or 3014018409) and pay to reserve your spot!

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Congrats to @nbvich on his gold medal performance this weekend! Great work!

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Big Congrats to @rachelyambiguous on a great performance today! Looked untouchable in the semi-final winning 12-0!

#foundrybjj #marylandbjj #mocobjj #ibjjf

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The Man Child is now a Blue Belt!
JP has been training since he was a little kid and has turned into an amazing young man-humble, respectful, and brave.
Only a handful of our kids have made it to Blue Belt where the minimum age for promotion is 16yo. An accomplished competitor in both BJJ and Wrestling, JP is also one of our amazing Youth coaches. Congrats!!

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Fact: People that train, kids and adults, are better at problem solving, critical thinking, and enduring challenges in a resilient manner.

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Happy Birthday to Coach Ezra! Thank you for all you do for the gym!

📸: @shawna.rodgers

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@felipelinhares_ is a bad man 🥵 watch and relive his road to his 3rd Pan Am title

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Trust the process and good things will happen

Nick Jung with the tricky transitions 🥶⚔️

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This is Professional Jiu Jitsu taught by Professional instructors. Our students are taught our world-class methodology by the most highly decorated instructors in MoCo.  The end result is we create better technique and afford our students a better understanding of the art.

EVERY kids & adult class is taught by one or more of our world class Black Belts. Very few academies in the country offer this level of technical expertise and professional environment.


Lead Instructor
Adult Programs

4th Degree Black Belt

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Head Instructor
Adult Programs

1st Degree Black Belt

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Adult Programs

2nd Degree Black Belt
2nd Degree Black Belt

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Adults/Kids Programs

Black Belt

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Adult/Kids Programs

Black Belt

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Kids Programs

Orange Belt

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Thai Boxing

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If you want to learn from the very best in the art, this is the place to come in DC. You simply will not find a higher level of instruction or a more friendly group of people.

-Matt Larsen
US Army Ranger & founder of the modern Army Combatives program