Our Philosophy

At The Foundry Jiu Jitsu Maryland we offer world class instruction in a safe, supportive, and inclusive atmosphere for kids and adults.

Founded in 2001, our expertise and refined teaching methodology has produced not only dozens of world champions but, more importantly, we have improved the lives of thousands of individuals like yourself.

Empower yourself with the most effective self-defense system ever created. Sign up for a free trial and start empowering yourself with Jiu Jitsu today!

Alliance Maryland Facility

The Facility

Our immaculately clean, recently updated 4000 square foot training facility includes:

  • 3000 square feet of mat space
  • Spacious lounge with leather seating for parents & students
  • Pro Shop area for training gear
  • 60″ flat screen w/ extensive dvd & literature catalog
  • Airdyne Bikes, VersaClimber & Concept 2 Rower for conditioning
  • Rogue fitness equipment for strength training
  • 3000 lbs of plates, dumbbells & kettlebells
  • The ONLY world-class instruction in Montgomery County

Lineage in Jiu Jitsu is very important. We are fortunate to come from the most successful in the history of Jiu Jitsu.

Mitsuyo Maeda

Carlos Gracie

Rolls Gracie

Jacare Cavalcanti

Fabio Gurgel

Cezar Takeyoshi

Noel Danforth

Class Schedule

Reminder. Open Mat today 12noon-2:30pm.
See you there. All invited.

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Happy 4th to all of our students and parents.

Here is a pic of our very first website back in 2004.

Notice the Black Fly Jiu Jitsu Comp logo. We put on the very first BJJ tournament in the state of Maine 2006 and again in 2007. We also offered a LightWeight Absolute division and a Heavyweight Absolute Division with each winner receiving a check for $500.
#OriginalJiuJitsu #Established2001

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Always great vibes 👏 thanks again to @dannyfreesty1e and @thatnicksalles for the sauce 🔥 Who should we host next? Leave a suggestion in the comments 📝

🎥: @dropsbynolan

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Sometimes you think you’re just getting a new training partner but you’re really gaining a brother. Surround yourself with people who push you to grow and want to see you succeed 👏🏽

🎥: @_seanyhd

#foundrybjj #marylandbjj #mocobjj #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #grappling #teamwork

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Congrats to our newest brown belt @samtaylorbjj! Sam is a wonderful teammate and a true student of the game- always looking to improve himself and his teammates. 👏🏽🟤 ...

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🚨One week left to reserve your spot🚨

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from two of the best in the world!

June 22 Mikey Musumeci black belts @thatnicksalles & @dannyfreesty1e are teaching a guard retention masterclass! Nick and Danny are world class instructors and competitors having placing at worlds gi and no gi at black belt as well as a plethora of other accomplishments. Be there!

Time: 11am
Location: Foundry BJJ (7 Metropolitan Ct, Gaithersburg MD 20878)
Price: $100

#foundrybjj #marylandbjj #mocobjj #masterclass #bjjworkshop #bjjseminar

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🚨🚨🚨 2 weeks left to register 🚨🚨🚨

Join us on June 22!

@thatnicksalles and @dannyfreesty1e will be teaching a workshop from 11-2!

📍 7 Metropolitan Ct, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Send coach Ty (@tadiyah) a message to reserve your spot!

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This Saturday, please join us for an open mat and belt promotion for some of our hardest working students.
11am-1:30pm. 🟣🔝🟤

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This is Professional Jiu Jitsu taught by Professional instructors. Our students are taught our world-class methodology by the most highly decorated instructors in MoCo.  The end result is we create better technique and afford our students a better understanding of the art.

EVERY kids & adult class is taught by one or more of our world class Black Belts. Very few academies in the country offer this level of technical expertise and professional environment.


Lead Instructor
Adult Programs

4th Degree Black Belt

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Head Instructor
Adult Programs

1st Degree Black Belt

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Adult Programs

2nd Degree Black Belt
2nd Degree Black Belt

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Adults/Kids Programs

Black Belt

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Adult/Kids Programs

Black Belt

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Kids Programs

Orange Belt

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Thai Boxing

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If you want to learn from the very best in the art, this is the place to come in DC. You simply will not find a higher level of instruction or a more friendly group of people.

-Matt Larsen
US Army Ranger & founder of the modern Army Combatives program